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Herb & Sea
Herb & Sea

Herb & Sea is a chic coastal dining experience with a neighborhood-friendly vibe. Focusing on ingredient inspired food, and using local and seasonal produce from neighboring North County farms, Herb & Sea strives for simple, clean and bright flavors. The menu is approachable, coupling classic East Coast cuisine with West Coast flare.

Service Overview

The Ask

Herb & Sea needed what all high-end restaurants do: to build their digital presence and expand their brand strategy. Innovum’s specialty is designing web experiences that drive web traffic, build a customer database, and propel sales. This project was an exercise in consistent, stylish, technically sound web development and marketing.

How We Did It

First, we brainstormed what the restaurant’s concept and experience should represent in the mind of a web user. We threw in breathtaking photography of culinary masterpieces, interior design havens, and smiling chef’s faces to wow the audience. A section where users could explore the full Herb & Sea menu serves to get their mouths watering before they scroll to a call to action. By allowing users to reserve a table directly through the website, we increased the number of direct bookings.

Using WordPress to create the site, Innovum ensured that it is responsive for mobile devices and contains an easy-to-use dashboard, so that customers and managers alike find ease of use. Both ordering online and updating menus are painless for both types of end users.

Additionally, we installed our routine set of analytics tools and performance trackers to check our work and improve upon ourselves. Google PageSpeed, Google Analytics, Hotjar, and Facebook Pixel were all utilized in this case to track ad performance and user interactions.

Using metrics from those tools, we reiterated the design to achieve the best results. The site is also built to be ADA compliant.

Web design

In conjunction with the marketing team, Innovum designed several emails and social media graphics to promote the opening of the restaurant and blend the brand identity into the web design. Everything we designed for Herb & Sea has an attractive, cohesive style and succeeds in creating the brand awareness the restaurant group was looking for.

Herb & Sea
Herb & Sea

Herb & Sea

Herb & Sea

The Result

Due to COVID-19 restaurant restrictions, Herb & Ranch is temporarily closed and web operations are currently paused. Site performance at the time of launch was as follows:



ADA compliant


Mobile rate on Google PageSpeed


Desktop rate on Google PageSpeed

Social media


New followers within one month of initial creation.

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